The Big Idea

Hello there! We warmly welcome you to our little blog!  We are Sadie and Aaron, a wife and husband, dedicated to getting healthier through vegan and raw vegan eats, as well as training for a 10K to start.

To get ourselves ready we're completing the Couch to 5K program and we downloaded Robert Ullrey's podcast to help.  Week one includes a five minute warm up walk then alternating between 1 min jogging and 1 1/2 min walking and finishing with a cool down 5 min walk.  You do this three times during the week.  Pretty proud of us because our level of activity prior to this has been pretty low.  We both love getting out and hiking or walking, but we are not consistent at all.  

The Couple
photo by James/Stuffedphotos

As far as food is concerned, Sadie has been vegan for just over two years and Aaron for one.  We really feel like a plant based diet is the best choice for our bodies and our planet, but Aaron and I want to kick it up a notch for our own personal health and eat all of the organic food we can, with most of it being raw vegan.  We'll share different things regarding our eating habits, like recipes, grocery lists, product of the week, pictures, videos, etc.

raw "sushi" salad

This is the beginning of an adventure for us, so thanks for coming along and we look forward to sharing our journey with you!  Be sure and check out the tabs above if you're interested in learning a bit more about us. :)

Here is a video snippet explaining what we're trying to accomplish:

-Sadie and Aaron